Code Once - Transact Anywhere

Leverage one simple but powerful SDK to integrate wherever your business needs dictate. It just may be the last API you ever code to.


Simplify payments. No, really.

IntentToPay takes care of the mechanics and the logic of payments, so you can focus on developing apps.

Entering a PAN-Free Zone

By controlling PAN-encrypting readers, IntentToPay further simplifies POS integration, while ensuring the device environment is out-of-scope for PCI. 

Any bank. Any time.

Stop being an obstacle to your merchant's bank of choice. Because IntentToPay will interface with virtually any gateway or processor, your customer can implement your application, no matter who they bank with.

Code Once - Transact Anywhere

Customize API integrations with payment providers, and much more:
email and text pushes, invoicing, out-of-band authentication, alerts, P2P Xtns, reservations, dynamic advertising, transportation, etc.

Inventory Management

IntentToPay helps you manage your hardware, from boarding to end-of-life. Status reports, tracking, even PCI SAQ and attestation forms.

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Code Once... Transact Anywhere
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